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Turn a connection into a career.

This is not a job board. It's a new way for college students and grads to find the companies that fit their future. (And vice versa.)
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Here's how it works:

Build a profile.
Your profile describes who you are and defines who you want to meet. Potentials use their profiles to outline their education, skills, work experiences and interests. Companies can describe their requirements, opportunities and culture to find employees that fit.


See your matches
Our algorithm works 24/7/365 to compare every company with every potential hire, weeding out incompatibles along the way. That way every match you see is a perfect match, based on your own priorities and criteria.


Make a connection.
Potentials have the power to accept or decline every connection. Until then, matches are anonymous. So when you finally make a connection, it’s with a great contact that interests you.
That's it!
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